Crescent Coalition

Catalyzing Change in Post-Secondary Success

Mission Statement

The Crescent Coalition connects community-based organizations serving under-resourced students along their journey from middle school through college graduation and successful careers.

Coalition Member Criteria

Provide individualized, wrap-around support.

Coalition Member Criteria

Focus on improving high school graduation, college matriculation, and/or post-secondary success outcomes for students from low-income households.

Coalition Member Criteria

Services are free to students.

Coalition Member Criteria

Provide mentorship for at least 2 years (longitudinal view of students’ progress).



Your involvement matters! Let us know how you are interested in supporting the coalition or it’s member organizations.

Our Why

The Crescent Coalition is a community-led association of organizations committed to improving Charlotte’s economic mobility by enhancing pathways for college and career success.


Promote meaningful connections between coalition organizations.


Share best-practices and data to improve impact and efficiency.


Work collaboratively to deepen support and improve student outcomes.


Facilitate successful transitions between organizations as students progress through milestones.


Provide complementary services from multiple organizations for maximum student benefits.

Our wins


Families and students attended College Financial Aid Night


Students attended two collaborative college tours


Partner Convenings since Feb 2022


Our History

Dr. Friedland, founder of the Friedland Foundation, and Aaron Randolph, co-founder of Carolina Youth Coalition, identified the need for a coalition of partners to advance college access and career readiness in Charlotte. Although many partners were tackling similar problems facing high potential and under-resourced students, there was little to no coordination among partners.After some initial partner momentum and collaboration was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021 Dr. Friedland and Aaron Randolph approached Leading on Opportunity for their support in the Crescent Coalition effort. Leading on Opportunity provided ‘initiative incubation’ support by: recruiting and hiring a College and Career Readiness consultant with a job scope that includes oversight of the Crescent Coalition initiative, allocating staff time to support planning and goal setting, and general support for meetings and ongoing partnership needs.

Catalyzing change in post-secondary success by serving under-resourced students along their journey from middle school through college graduation and successful careers.

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